Recent years as the Japanese society faces the aging issue, human resources working in
the agriculture field has been decreasing.
As the result, there are increasing number of farms that are not utilized and remain unattended.
The production of traditional Japanese vegetables has been decreasing
and has become a national issue that the government is currently looking to solve.

With this intention, Sun Sun Yamashiro provides employment opportunities for deaf
and hearing-impaired person to work on various local productions.
Sun Sun Yamashiro is acknowledged as a support facility for persons with
disabilities representative at the national level.

1 Agriculture

We cultivate specialty local produces and vegetables such as
“Kyoto Uji Tea”,“Kyototanabe Nasu (Aubergine)” and “Kyoto Ebiimo (Shrimp Potato)”.

Hand-picking the leaves of Kyoto Uji Tea
(Every year from Mid to End of May)

Harvesting of Kyoto Ebiimo
(Every year from November to January)

Agricultural Produces

Kyototanabe Nasu

This aubergine is traditional
vegetable of Kyotanabe city.
Its skin is thin and very soft,
so it is easy to eat and tasty.

Kyoto Ebiimo
(Shrimp potato)

The Kyoto vegetable Ebiimo
is kind of taro. It’s considered
a high grade ingredients
because it doesn’t fall apart
while boiling and the taste is

Uji Matcha Tea

It is a high-quality Matcha
that is elegant, and has
beautiful natural sweetness.
One of greatest tea master
fell in love with it.

Taka no Tsume
(Japanese Chili pepper)

We cultivate Japanese chili
peppers.It is used as
premium Shichimi
(seven flavor chilipepper)

2 Manufacturing

We use the local produces to manufacture different products.
We use Uji Matcha to make Matcha Cookies and Koicha Daifuku
(rice cake with thick matcha stuffing) both characterized by its rich flavor.
The Ebiimo Croquette, using the Ebiimo harvested at our site,
has a unique soft texture which is also one of our best-selling products.

Matcha Cookie

Koicha Daifuku

Ebiimo Croquette

Uji Matcha tea

Shichimi (seven flavor chili pepper)

Original Kyoto Bancha tea

3 Community Café

Sun Sun Yamashiro community café is a restaurant where you
can eat delicious dishes that using local traditional vegetables
produced by its own farm, such as Kyoto Ebiimo and
Kyototanabe Nasu. We support local community by opening
the café as community place for local citizens especially those
who working on social welfare and solving social issues.

Café space

Kids space

Today’s Lunch
at one-coin price (¥500)

Kyototanabe Nasu Don
(with miso soup)

This is a one of most popular menu,
you can taste grilled juicy
Kyototanabe nasu with
original sauce.

Sun Sun Curry Rice
(with salad)

Our special curry using seasonal
vegetables such as Kyototanabe Nasu
and Kyoto Ebiimo.

Ebiimo Tonjiru Meal
(shrimp potato pork soup)

This pork soup using Kyoto Ebiimo
and other a lot of vegetables.
It’s tasty and nutritious.

Lunch varieties:Kyoto ebiimo croquette meal, Nikujaga meal (meat and potato stew),
Vegetable tempura don, Fried aubergine with Chinese chili sauce, etc.

Products for sale

You can buy our vegetables and products in the café.br
Please feel free to visit us.

Items : Seasonal vegetables, Original Kyoto Bancha tea, Uji Matcha tea,
Shichimi (seven flavor chili pepper), Matcha Cookie, Koicha Daif uku, etc.

*Some of our products are sold in particular season.

Café Opening Hours

11:00 ー 15:00 *Monday ー Friday

Lunch hours

11:30 ー 14:00 *Limited quantity.

Sun Sun Yamashiro welcomes guests from around the world.
Please feel free to inquire about hand-picking tea leaves activ ities, agricultural experience workshops and facility tour!
(Language support: Japanese, English or Chinese)